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Why are watersheds important?

Watersheds are the lifeblood of our wildlife: they provide access to water, food, shelter, and rearing habitat. Each of these things are essential for the survival of rich and diverse wildlife. Because of their high inter-connectivity, watersheds are susceptible to contamination and degradation. According to NOAA, "Water from hundreds, and often thousands, of creeks and streams flow from higher ground to rivers that eventually wind up in a larger waterbody. As the water flows, it often picks up pollutants, which may have sinister effects on the ecology of the watershed and, ultimately, on the reservoir, bay, or ocean where it ends up." This is why we find it imperative to recognize and highlight the specific watersheds in our great state of California. It is our hope that CWD! events continue to honor and protect their watersheds from pollution and irresponsible development. This site is hosted by the Carmel River Watershed Conservancy; thus we reside in the Central Coast major watershed and the Carmel River watershed.

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