Endangered or Threatened Species

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) keeps track of threatened and endangered plant and animal species in our state and provides a list of these important species. Have a look at some of the endangered wildlife that we love!

To view a complete list of species view the CDFW's report:

El Segundo Blue Butterfly

 Photo from mmlg.com

Photo from mmlg.com

The El Segundo Blue Butterfly is endemic to 3,200 square acres of sand dunes in Los Angeles. In recent years this area has been under intense development pressure from coastal urbanization and the LAX airport. The current population size is estimated at 70,000 butterflies, but it was historically about 750,000. Poor dune restoration tactics have invited competing non-native species. The butterflies are co-dependent with the coast buckwheat, a plant that also relies on sand dune habitat. We hope further conservation efforts can support this beautiful spotted blue and orange butterfly! Find out more here.