Endangered or Threatened Species

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) keeps track of threatened and endangered plant and animal species in our state and provides a list of these important species. Have a look at some of the endangered wildlife that we love!

To view a complete list of species view the CDFW's report:

California Desert Tortoise

 Photo from CA BLM

Photo from CA BLM

The California, or Agassiz's desert tortoise, have distinguishable high-domed shells and powerful claws that help dig underground burrows to hide from extreme desert heat. They rely on a diet of annual and perennial vegetation such as wildflowers and shrubs, cacti and grasses. These tortoises are endangered because of loss of habitat in the western Sonoran desert, where fragmentation is caused by human activity and development. Their average lifespan is 50-80 years! Find out more about the Agassiz desert tortoise at The Defenders of Wildlife