"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."  - John Muir


California State Assembly approves California Wildlife Day

Bill Monning

On March 9, 2017, the California Assembly passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 23 with a unanimous vote, formally recognizing California Wildlife Day.

Annual celebrations to promote environmental protection and awareness will help Californian's preserve the natural beauty and diversity of the state for future generations.

Support and participate in California Wildlife Day Events

Many organizations have endorsed California Wildlife Day. See our list of partners to learn more about environmental protection, education, and conservation in the state of California.

Learn more about California Wilderness and Wildlife

Our resource page provides a list of references to guide the community in gathering information about the California and the environment. Learn more about the unique biodiversity of California and get inspired to explore!

Natural landscapes and wildlife face threats from human activities. Pollution, development, and exploitation of our natural resources are endangering wildlife and ecosystems. The earth is changing, and it is caused by human activities. California Wildlife Day is an opportunity to not only raise awareness about the dangers facing our planet and ourselves, but to be appreciative for the incredible biodiversity of the state of California, to advocate for better stewardship of nature, and to create opportunities for all Californians to appreciate nature. California Wildlife Day is an opportunity to promote nature and its many benefits for underprivileged and urban youth of California. It is a day for students, communities, and advocates to raise awareness and participate in habitat restoration, conservation, and preservation efforts. 

Natural landscapes inspire and challenge us, are important for are economy, and important for physical and mental wellbeing. California is a leader in environmental conservation and California Wildlife Day is an opportunity for state and non-profit organizations to encourage awareness and public engagement in conservation, preservation, and restoration activities.